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VanGo connects art and artists to people and cultures all over the world.

VanGo displays online works of art including paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures and photography. This is what is called visual art. Visual art can be two-dimensional like a drawing or painting, or three-dimensional, like a sculpture.

Question: What other kinds of art are there?
Answer: Drama, Music, Dance, Poetry, Literature.

    Things to think about:
  • Do all people all over the world make art?
  • Have people been making art for a long time?
  • People have different ideas about what is and is not art. What do you think is art?
  • How important is it for people and societies to have and to make art?
  • People write stories and poetry, make pictures and sculptures, sing, dance and act to express their thoughts and ideas. How do you express yourself?

Teachers and Group Leaders:
VanGo emphasizes the use of interaction and discussion to learn about art and as a means of developing critical thinking skills. VanGo's exhibit is designed to encourage interaction, discussion and acute observation rather than arriving at "right" answers.

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