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VanGo: Frequently Asked Questions

What is VanGo?

VanGo offers access to original, contemporary art exhibits and multi-disciplinary art activities presented by Teaching Artist Sandy Fraser, MA, who has more than 20 years experience as an art therapist and art educator working with children and adults. The only program of its kind, VanGo educates thousands of children and adults a year in the visual arts and to inspire creative thinking everywhere!

How does VanGo work?

VanGos presentations stimulate creative and critical thinking skills and lively discussion. The exhibits and presentations incorporate educational standards for fine art, science, language arts, social studies and mathematics. The presentations last for 15-30 minutes, and follow-up activities are available for all ages. Ms. Fraser is happy to collaborate with educators and group leaders for an optimum learning experience.

New virtual VanGo presentations are posted weekly and are available on Youtube and the website.


Virtual VanGo operates year-round. Contact Teaching Artist Sandy Fraser to find out more about VanGo Mobile Museum.

How much does it cost?

VanGo is FREE!

Sandy Fraser, Teaching Artist
Phone: (386) 631-2801

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